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UptimeInspector is a server monitoring service, it sends an alert if server outage happens

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DNS Blacklist Checker:

Are you sure all of your contacts receiving your emails? A great deal of email servers use DNS BlackLists (DNSBL) to filter out spam messages. Your mail server can be listed in DNS blacklists by a mistake. Unfortunately, you do not get a notification from a DNS blacklist server owner on this occurrence, but your email is still filtered out by providers using the blacklist.

So what can you do to make the wanted mail reach its target? There is a number of ways, where UptimeInspector can help you with.

The very first option you get is the blacklist monitoring. Get blacklists in your line of sight, so you will always be able to react the proper way. Remember, UptimeInspector grants a good deal of its services for free. Free blacklist monitoring is one of them.

Every time you need to send an e-mail you better to be sure it will be delivered. UptimeInspector helps your correspondence to arrive to addressee in time thanks to dns blacklists checker functions. We keep an eye on major mail servers blacklists and thus keep you alerted. Since UptimeInspector was initially designed to become a remote tool in IT business - you will get immediate effect expressed in a complete report through a previously chosen method.

And what happens if your mail server by any reason gets blacklisted? Thanks to UptimeInspector you will immediately get dns blacklist alert informing you of the problem.

Constant supervising and mail server blacklist monitoring makes your business independent from filtering initiatives.

UptimeInspector acts as a DNS Blacklist checker providing you with an instant alert when your mail server is listed in major DNS black lists!


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