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UptimeInspector is a server monitoring service, it sends an alert if server outage happens

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UptimeInspector F.A.Q.

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Server and Website Monitoring

Q: Where do I get technical details on server monitoring implementation?
A: For details refer to UptimeInspector Help pages or contact our support team. [back to top]

Q: How does monitoring from multiple locations work?
A: Each location independently monitors a target with a specified checking period. If location detects a failure, it sends requests the other locations to perform an extra test to verify the failure. Thus, on failure detection, your target is tested by all selected locations simultaneously. [back to top]

Q: Do you provide forced monitoring upon failure detection?
A: Yes. Once a monitoring location detects a failure, it forces the other locations to perform extra tests, ignoring the checking interval. [back to top]

Q: Does UptimeInspector detect server-related errors, such as "HTTP 404 not found", "HTTP 500 Internal error"?
A: Yes. For known server types, UptimeInspector detects not only connection-related errors but also server-related problems. [back to top]


Q: Do you provide alerts via instant messaging?
A: Yes, we provide alerts via ICQ, AIM, Yahoo and MSN instant messaging networks. More IM networks will be added soon. [back to top]

Q: Are alerts free of charge?
A: Generally, no. Some alerts are free, but others will be billed to your account. For example, email alerts are free. For pricing details check the Pricing page. [back to top]

Q: Does UptimeInspector send out alert each time it cannot connect to the target?
A: There are several options available related to alerts and failures. You can set up a maximum number of errors that have to occur before an alert is sent out. There are other options too. [back to top]

Q: I have several monitoring locations for a target. Do all locations send out an alert when failure is detected?
A: No. The number of alerts is not multiplied by the number of monitoring locations. [back to top]

Q: Is there an option to send out an alert when a target is recovered?
A: Yes. [back to top]

Q: Is there an option to send out an alert each time a target is tested?
A: No. [back to top]

Q: Where can I find a list of countries available for phone call alerts?
A: You can find the list of countries we can call to here. [back to top]

Q: Can I test alert delivery?
A: A test message is automatically sent to each notification contact you add. [back to top]


Q: What are reports?
A: Reports are generated using target monitoring logs. Reports graphically represent how your target performs over number of days, weeks or months. In addition to target state (OK/Error), reports provide extra information such as DNS connection time, overall connection time, etc. For example, this information helps to detect the need for a server upgrade. [back to top]


Q: How do you charge for your services?
A: On the 1st of each month we bill your account for monitoring services provided during the previous month. If your balance is lower than the required payment, we notify you, asking you to add funds to your account. [back to top]

Q: Will you suspend my account if there are not sufficient funds in it?
A: Accounts with a negative balance are suspended after one week. [back to top]

Q: Am I billed for the trial period?
A: No. A 7-day trial period is always excluded from the billing period. [back to top]

Q: If I monitored a target for just 10 days during the month, how would you charge me?
A: We would charge your account for 10 days only (if the service costs $30 per month, we charge $10 for 10 days, ie we would charge your pro rata). Note that number of days is rounded up, e.g. if you delete a target at the beginning of the tenth day, we charge for 10 full days. [back to top]

Q: I changed my target monitoring options several times, and different prices were displayed each time. How will you charge me in this case?
A: We charge for the number of days that you used the target with the old settings and the number of days you used it with the new settings. So if you changed your target settings on the 10th we charge you for 10 days for the target with the old settings and 20 days for the target with the new settings. There can be an adjustment depending on the actual number of days in a month. [back to top]

Q: Is there a fixed monthly payment for recursive broken link checking?
A: No. Each time target is executed on a monitoring location, the number of checked links is recorded. On the 1st of the month you are charged for the total number of links checked. [back to top]

General Questions

Q: Does your web interface have any OS/browser requirements?
A: We are strongly committed to cross-browser and OS-independent standards. Our web interface is tested with all major browsers such as Internet Explorer 6/7, Firefox 2/3, Opera 9, and Safari.
To access the service with a legacy browser and/or mobile device, disable JavaScript support in browser preferences: all basic interface features are still guaranteed to work. [back to top]

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