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UptimeInspector is a server monitoring service, it sends an alert if server outage happens

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Server Monitoring Services

When it comes to business - efficiency means everything. When it comes to efficiency - server monitoring is essential tool in your IT business, no matter whether you have ordinary server, or a huge data center. UptimeInspector is your personal server monitoring guard that will indeed keep you in touch and supply the whole amount of data needed to stay informed concerning your system, and what is more - does not require any sleep or rest. You might need them, though. While you are asleep your server is under constant control thanks to UptimeInspector server uptime monitor services.

Give yourself a break and shift your server uptime and server performance checks to UptimeInspector.

You don't want to risk your equipment, software or your personnel work and data gained, or content created. This is the place where UptimeInspector shows in. Do not expose your server to the outer threats. Server monitoring services done by safe and reliable UptimeInspector - save your time, energy and thus - your money. This is as simple as it gets.

No need to explain the consequences of the damage and losses that can potentially be inflicted to your hardware and software due to the server malfunction.

Server monitoring services with UptimeInspector is an individual solution, born to become a helping hand in maintaining servers.

You are welcome to adjust and customize UptimeInspector's monitoring schedule, checking interval, connection timeout, TCP ports, report exhaustiveness and report method (or use all of them) according to your specific needs and demands.

Server uptime and availability checks should be natural and principal spheres of your interest, that are easily controlled at any given time and place via UptimeInspector server monitoring services.

Common Features:

  • Each test includes DNS resolution, connection and proper response test
  • Checking interval starts from 1 minute
  • Upon failure detection it is verified from other monitoring locations to avoid false alerts (2 locations are free)
  • Instant alerts by email, SMS, instant messaging and phone
  • Ability to schedule monitoring suspension period
  • Availability and performance reports
  • Ability to set a custom TCP port
  • Ability to set a custom connection timeout

Specific Features:

PING Sends four ICMP ping packets to the server - error is reported if all four packets fail to be delivered
HTTP Basic authentication is supported. In addition to connection errors, HTTP errors are handled, e.g.: "404 file not found", "500 internal error", and so on.
HTTPS Performs the same tests as HTTP test, with optional SSL certification verification (e.g. expiration date)
FTP If optional path and file name are given, checks the file for availability. Plain authentication is supported.
Telnet Supports authentication, server-side command execution, server response can be searched for specific keywords.
SSH Connection test only.
POP3 Supports Regular (POP) and RFC-1734 (APOP) authentication types.
IMAP Supports PLAIN authentication type only
MySQL Supports SQL query execution with response test with a given condition
DNS Supports A, MX, CNAME, SOA, NS query types to DNS server
Custom Checks a TCP/IP connection with a specified server. Supports request/response with keyword verification.

The monthly fee depends upon the monitoring interval you choose. For our detailed pricing table click here. For a pricing calculator click here

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