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UptimeInspector is a server monitoring service, it sends an alert if server outage happens

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Why do you need website and server monitoring?

Testing of performance of website is called website uptime monitoring. Website uptime monitoring is used to check if a site works properly enough or not. Such diagnostics helps to find weak points of site and eliminate them in the future. Server uptime monitoring is even more efficient way to keep your online services working. External server uptime monitor does not malfunction.

Website and server uptime monitoring are useful when there is a need of evaluation how much time an interaction between site and visitor takes. Speed of loading of site is very important. Most users do not want to waste their time waiting until the page is loaded (if it takes too much time of course).

Clear and easy to use web interface is one of the main requirements nowadays. If a visitor is not pleased with website, he or she in most cases is ready to stop using it. Thus and so all annoying features of a site should be removed. Internet-users are demanding, this is fact number one. Fact number two – competition in Internet is fierce, therefore users can easily switch to your rival. They are not loyal. And if you are even just a little bit worse than a competitor, why to stay on your side? Just take into account this statistics: ¾ of visitors are ready to stop using website if it annoys them somehow. That is why you should always try to improve your website, make it irreproachable. But before learning on mistakes it is crucial to receive full information about site performance, analyze work of source. Therefore website and server uptime monitor should be conducted regularly.

Server uptime monitoring service can be used for any type of site. It does not matter if you sell something online or just keeping your own blog. Comprehensive website uptime monitoring gives answers to the questions that every webmaster is interested in. Here are just some of them:

- Does your site response fast enough?
- Does your website contain too much graphics or animation?
- Are you still in top-10 in Google?
- Is your webpage available 24/7? etc.

Start using server uptime monitoring tool today. With our help you will not loose money because of bugs on your site. Unavailability of your site means loss. And you should always keep it in mind. We will make sure that if your site does not work properly and not available you will find out it instantly. You will receive notification via e-mail or sms. You can easily define the most convenient way of alert.

We are giving you the most valuable thing – information. Register now and you will be convinced of the truth of our words.

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